Me, myself & i emmeline othine..

A warm day in april 1999,

I went to paris & stuffed my suitcase with luvlies!

nothing has changed, I still travel  & I still stuff....

just for you!

30 sqm filled with crisp prêt-à-porter & accessories -

no basics - only favourites, to treasure for ever & ever!

drop by my walk in closet honeybunny,

the shop is situated in the wonderful eastern part

 of Copenhagen & I would LOVE your visit!

We get many questions regarding webshopping -

as collections are small and changing every month,

we are not able to offer a webshop -

but if you see something you can not live without,

 we will surely ship it as a special service.

Keep in mind: all our customers

 are free to return all items, a week after purchase

& if "the shoe doesn't fit" we issue a lifetime voucher...

so no hurries & no worries!

happy shopping.